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        Fab II,  Inc  
        2304 Bruner Ln #1
        Fort Myers, Florida 33912
        Phone:  (239) 481 -1376 

Wideflange Columns & Beams

Structural Channels

Steel Tube Columns (Square, Rectangular, and Round)

Barjoists, Joist Girders & Bridging Systems

Metal Roof

Form & Floor Decking

Bent- PL and Angles

Pipe Bollards

Angle Lintels and Shelf Angles (brick ledge)

Trench Grating and their embed frames

Bar Grating


Our website is currently under construction.  Please call us with any questions that you may have at 239-481-1376 or stop by and visit us at 2304 Bruner Lane # 1 , Fort Myers.    We look forward to serving you!   


Roof-Top Unit Supports

Roof Opening Frames

Steel-Pan Stairs

Spiral Stairs Lapeyre Alternating-Tread Stairs

Ships Ladders

Rung-Type Ladders for Roof Access, Pits, or for hatches

Pipe Railings (Handrails, Guardrails, Ramp Rails)

Decorative & Ornamental Metals

Fence and Railings (Aluminum or Steel)

Concrete Inserts & Embedded items for steel items.

Connections & fasteners for steel items



Fab II,  Inc
 2304 Bruner Ln #1
Fort Myers, Florida 33912
Phone:  (239) 481 -1376 


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